University of Sheffield Ultimate

Est. 1995

I've never played before, can I still join?

Of course! We run beginner training sessions every week for the first half of the year to help with technique. If you join at the start of the year there are fun beginner tournaments all over the country specially for new players, one of which is run by us here in Sheffield! They're really fun and great way to improve your game and meet other beginners. Come visit our stall at the Sports Fair to talk to the team and pick up a flyer with details of our Give It A Go session.

If you come to Sheffield after freshers' week and want to start playing, that's fine too! Just come along to training or let us know before-hand and one of the team will be happy to throw about with you before a session.

What do I need to wear/bring?

For a proper game or training session you'll need at least:

  • Kit (shorts/tracksuit bottoms and T-shirt)
  • Sports footwear (trainers for indoors, boots with studs or blades for outdoors)
  • A drink

To practice in your own time, you can buy a University of Sheffield disc from the club, just ask us for one at training. Base layers/thermals are recommended for outdoor sessions in winter.

Can beginners come along to socials?

Definitely! Socials are the perfect way to get to know the club and we love welcoming new players. Look out for emails from our social secretaries for details on nights out and other events each week.

I've played for a club before. Can I skip the basics?

If you've played in Ultimate tournaments for your school or another uni or club team, send us an email to tell us you're coming and we'll get you training with the team at experienced sessions.

I'm an international student. Can I join?

Yes! We've had players from Malaysia, USA, Germany and Austria and are always looking to expand the list.

I'm not a student. Can I still join?

You have to be a member of the university to play for our team in BUCS games and tournaments but if you want to play for a team at regional or national level, you can play for Sheffield's local club team, Sheffield Steal.

Is Ultimate a mixed sport?

Ultimate competitions have Open, Mixed and Women's divisions. Open is for anyone, though top teams are 99% male. Mixed is 3-4 split outdoors and 2-3 indoors. Most training sessions, tournaments and socials are open/mixed.

If you prefer playing single sex, come to Sunday training (girls and boys on adjacent pitches). For women, look out for girly socials and NBWin (a Women beginner tournaments in October).

I have a disability. Can I join?

Sure! We haven’t worked out how to adapt the sport for wheelchairs yet (blame muddy grass), but we've had a lower leg amputee play for us and there are high level players with single arm amputations. If we can adapt our club to help you - for instance assisting lip reading while coaching training sessions or sending out written explanations in advance - please contact us. Our socials are open to all!

Where can I learn the basics of Ultimate?

Being able to throw properly is one of the most important basics in Ultimate, and the only way to get better at throwing is to practise, practise and practise. There are some great Youtube video's explaining how to throw a backhand and a forehand.

Another great resource for the more tactical side of Ultimate is The Ultimate Handbook. For example, have a look at how a normal Stack Offence works.

What is a stack? Flick? Open side?

Getting confused about all these terms that the experienced players are talking about? Forgot what the 'open side' means? What do they mean with not getting broken? It has happened to all of us! Have a look at the Glossary page for a list of all the terms we use.

What are the rules of Ultimate?

Ultimate is self-refereed so it's important that you get to grips with the calls and stoppages that can occur during a game. The official rules can be complex and hard to follow, so if you are new to the sport have a look at the basic summary. If you have any questions about any of the rules, what is or isn't allowed, ask one of the more experienced players!

It's raining/windy/freezing cold. Is training still on?

99% of the time, yes! We play outdoors in all weather unless snow has settled or there is ice making the ground unplayable or dangerous. Make sure you're a member of our Facebook group or check your email for last-minute cancellations.

I love Ultimate. Is there a club near me at home?

If you live in Sheffield, the local club is Sheffield Steal. A lot of our team train with and play for Steal on top of playing for the university. For clubs elsewhere in the country check out the UKU club directory or go to Ultimate central. The most competitive teams have trials in January/February for tournaments over the summer.

I'm a teacher/youth worker in Sheffield. Can the club run a session with the kids?

We'd love to! The club is always looking for ways to spread the word about Ultimate and introduce kids to the sport. In recent years we've run sessions at King Edward VII Secondary School. If you're interested in having some of the team visit, please send us an email.

Please can you add/remove me from the mailing list?

We refresh the mailing list at the start of every year but if you want to have your email address added or removed now just send us a request through the contact page.