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Getting confused about all the terms that we use whilst playing Ultimate? Fear not, as we've made a glossary of all these terms. In alphabetical order we'll tell you what we mean with all these terms and give you links to e.g. Youtube video's where you can see in more detail what we mean. If you're still unclear about any of this, feel free to ask one of the more experienced members!

Break and Open side

A break is when the player on the disc throws the disc in the oposite direction to which he is being forced. When a force is set up the pitch is split in two: open and break sides. The open side is the area in which the thrower is being forced to throw, while the break side is the area which is being blocked by the force.


At the start of the point there is the pull (see below). If the pull lands out of bounds the receiving team have the option to "brick" the disc. This involves starting the point with the disc at the brick mark which is located 18 meters from their endzone and inline with the middle of the pitch.






This is another name for the forehand. The flick combined with the backhand make up the staple throws used in the game.

Home and Away Force

Whenever the opposition has the disc, you are trying to force them to throw into one direction (left side or right side of the pitch) so that you are effectively marking out one half of the pitch. Which way you are forcing them is normally determined by the captain before the point starts. 'Home' & 'Away' are terms to describe which way to force, with 'Home' being the side where your bags are located/where the sideline is cheering and 'Away' being the opposite side of the pitch.











Point block




Spirit of the game