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We travel all over the country entering beginner and experienced teams to compete. The first few months of term are full of fun tournaments for freshers so sign up and play against universities from all over the UK! If you've played Ultimate before, let us know and we'll get you training with the team.

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    Friday 20 September


Places Phat 'eds teams have finished in tournaments in recent years.
2007/08 2008/09 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15
Shef Beg (Exp) 2nd, 8th 3rd, 8th 4th, 8th 4th (Won spirit), 8th 5th, 12th 5th 4th
YEUMIR 8th 5th (Q Div II), 21st, 24th 4th (Q Div II), 15th, 19th 8th, 19th 5th (Q Div II), 16th, 20th 2nd (Q Div I), 13th, 24th 8th, 16th 5th (Q Div II), 10th, 14th
NUWIR 15th 14th, 16th 11th, 24th 5th 7th 2nd (Q) 6th 6th (Q)
YEUXIR 7th 2nd (Q), 10th 8th, 20th 9th, 17th 6th (Q Div II), 15th 2nd (Q Div I), 19th 2nd (Q) 3rd [Div I], 12th, 17th
UOIN DNQ 13th [Div II] 11th [Div II] 15th [Div II] 10th [Div II] 14th [Div I] DNQ 5th [Div II]
UXIN DNQ 25th DNQ DNQ 5th [Div II] 11th [Div I] 12th [Div I] 5th [Div I]
YEUMOR 6th (Q Div II) 4th (Q Div II + Won spirit), 14th 5th (Q Div II) 5th (Q Div II), 18th 2nd (Q Div I), 10th 2nd (Q Div I) 7th, 16th 2nd (Q Div I)
UXON 16th 6th (Won party) 9th (Plate) 13th 6th 9th (Plate) 8th 23rd
UMON 12th [Div II] 4th [Div II] 5th [Div II] 10th [Div II] 12th [Div I] 8th [Div I] DNQ 5th [Div I]
UWON 12th 9th 11th (Won party) DNA 20th 17th 13th 13th
Women's Varsity Uni 8 - 7 Hallam Uni 11 - 0 Hallam Uni 4 - 5 Hallam Uni 5 - 1 Hallam
Open Varsity Uni 5 - 13 Hallam Uni 15 - 8 Hallam Uni 7 - 9 Hallam Uni 13 - 3 Hallam Uni 11 - 6 Hallam Uni 11 - 6 Hallam Uni 15 - 4 Hallam